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I was wondering if something like this weblink can be created using Evernote http://ashtadhyayi.com/sutraani/6/1/113 Formatting is not an issue, i am sure it can be created like that.

what I really wanted to know if there is a way to automate hyperlinks like numbers in [Square Brackets ] are hyperlinked. I have about 6000 notes. If there is a way to assign alias to each note and that alias can be used to create hyperlink. I have lot of time invested in Evernote and want to know if it is even possible. Currently I copy a note and insert wherever I need hyperlink to that one. But it is very tedious and chances of error a very high. 


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Not sure what exactly you're lookin for.

Certainly notes can be hyperlinked in Evernote.

Within the notes content, there is no hyperlink feature, as in Table of Conents; links are only at the note level

The hyperlinks can be

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