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Features Evernote Should Have




There a wishlist and can figure out why it doesn't exist yet since I'm using Evernote nothing seem to involve.

  • Custom default order per notebook and not for all notebooks - For some notebooks, it's better by alphabétical order, for some by chronological order and for some by custom order.
  • Custom Order - Being able to sort a notebook by custom order (organizing by drag and drop). I love the way Worden TC2000 software do it with a watchlist.
  • Recurring reminders function
  • Save the scanned images with unique name and naming configuration option - When we export images all images have the same name.
  • Being able to open a chat on each note - As a task manager like Asana, we can have discussion bellow the task. All in the same place - The note and the discussion around the note.
  • Being able to navigate back to previous note - Navigate back and forward by navigation history - I'm using link index and it's painful to not be able to go back. I waste and loose so much time navigate into my organization.
  • Clear formatting - Like Google Docs - Why, why, WHY it doesn't exist with Evernote so painful...

I think all of those features are must and nice to have.



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19 minutes ago, jmdemers said:

I think all of those features are must and nice to have.

Instead of posting a list, you could add your vote to existing posts.  This is one of the indicators Evernote uses to determine priorities.

>Custom default order per notebook and not for all notebooks

I only have a few notebooks, but have various shortcuts for searches.  I thought custom sequence was a Windows feature; I have it scripted on my Mac


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Hmmn.  Custom default order is already available in Windows.  Organising notes 'manually' isn't,  but it is trivial to use title,  tags,  table of contents notes or notebooks to do that.

'Back' and 'Forward' buttons are in the custom toolbar options.  Renaming attached files is available.  Work chat on a note?  I thought that was possible. Recurring reminders - much requested and (so far) ignored.  Don't know why particularly.  I use TickTick for date related items anyway.

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Hello gazumped,


'Back' and 'Forward' buttons are in the custom toolbar options.

Thank for the info, I didn't know. I add "Clear Formatting" as we do on a Google Doc.


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