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Confirmação antes de excluir notas e anexos

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Em ‎06‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 18:53, Rodrigo Della Aversana disse:

Gostaria de sugerir que antes de excluir ou deletar um arquivo anexo ou uma nota, o Evernote faça a pergunta de confirmação da exclusão.

Essa confirmação é importante, pois do jeito que esta hoje esta vulnerável. Hoje, se apertar o delete sem querer já apaga...



É uma medida de segurança a mais. Mas lembrando que ao deletar a nota ela não é perdida. Ficam sempre na lixeira.

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That this thread was silent for 4 years says a lot - obviously it is not resonating with users.

Second: I don’t want more clicks than necessary to do a job.

Third: It is not necessary: For all accounts there is note history running. This is a versioning of the notes, not for every little change, but the major changes are covered.

Premium users can access the note history. You can go back to an older version of the note. You can restore it, or you can create a copy of that older version in a new note.

If you deleted your attachment, you simply use note history to go back in time and recreate a version with the attachment.

It does not work when the whole note was deleted and then (2 steps) deleted again from the trash. This will delete note history as well.

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