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Evernote Audio - ChromeOS

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Hi all, my first post.

I've been an Evernote user for a while on my Note3, took a break for using it for a year, and now am using ChromeOS. On my kit, when I record an audio file, it does it in amr format and the play control doesn't work. The only way I can listen to the file is to log in to the website, download the file and then play via VLC player. Can I change the recording format as it's crazy, if I have no net access I can't access my recordings

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Hi.  AFAIK AMR is a standard format for mobile sound files.  On any given device Evernote uses the default format (and presumably software) for its files.  You can record in a different format using other voice and music recording apps,  of which there are hundreds.  I have a Note 4 and use Voice Recorder and Hi-Q MP3 recorder for any audio work.

There are also numerous conversion apps for sound files - web search with your OS of choice for a list.

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