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Web login page should display username and password at same time

Edward DeMeulle


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I don't use a password manager but I preferred the old way as well, showing both the username and password input immediately. Now when I fill in my username and click "continue" (not sure if it's literally this since I'm using the Dutch version) I have to wait until the animation of the password input to slide down has ended. When I type in the password too early and press "Login" it'll say the password isn't correct (I've tried it a 1000 times so I'm pretty sure I'm not mistyping my password every time).

Can anyone tell me, what is the added value of hiding the password input at first? To me it just seems like an extra step for the user, and I can't think of anything that would make it necessary to hide the password input at first.

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I completely agree and came here to make the same suggestion but, fortunately, checked first to see if there was already a request.

It is such a strange thing that I was wondering if the current separation serves some security purpose, although I do not have a theory what that would be.

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I'm guessing the website checks whether you are a registered user from the user name/email address and would default to a sign up page,  or and error message ("that user is not recognised") if the details didn't match.  <Shrug>

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We want EFFICIENCY when we take notes. I don't know why Evernote management can't reflect that simple notion in their web product.

Make the login static, allowing password managers to auto-fill both fields simultaneously and preventing multiple 'continue'/superfluous clicks for all users.  


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