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We have evernote for a letting agent and it never syncs. I am constantly putting in error forms and i do what is suggested when you reply but it never works. We are getting quite frustrated now, as none of our files will sync and we can't use it property.

Please can you call me on 012## ###### and discuss how to fix it. 

Many thanks, 

Rose, Homelets

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Hi.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum and don't do house (or office) calls,  and I don't know of any major software house that does.  If you can't resolve this by way of support emails,  you could look around for a local IT consultant that understands Evernote,  or you should really use some other software that does work.

If you can describe your problems here,  maybe someone can offer some suggestions - there may be other letting agents in the forums...

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