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(Archived) Search term highlighting

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Is there any way to turn off search term highlighting?

In the absence of good UI tools to browse a hierarchy I've started to use simple search terms to find things that I want, e.g. I only have a couple of notes at the moment that relate to the iPad so the quickest way to find the one I want is to type "iPad" into the search box and I instantly select the two notes that I have relating to the iPad and it's then trivial to click into the exact note that I want. Unfortunately when I do click into the note it is now "defaced" because every instance of the word "iPad" is highlighted which makes it very irritating to read and if I cancel the search term then my list of notes reverts back to the entire contents of my notebook rather than the iPad-specific ones that I wanted.

Is there any solution to the above? If not then could you add a setting to make it possible because for me it makes the search function border-line unusable for about 95% of the searching that I end up doing.

My comments refer to the iPad and Microsoft Windows versions.

- Julian

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