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Features required from Evernote By Me




I purchased Evernote for my personal use for its simplicity and because there weren't as many options as good as Evernote at that time.

But seriously once you know the tool well, there has to be a way to get more control. Below is a long list of features/improvements that I strongly desire in Evernote Web or probably will not renew the subscription.

  1. More fonts - Current count is 7. Guys I am working on a web app, not a terminal. 
  2. More themes - Current count is 1. I wonder what do UI designers do at Evernote
  3. Stack - Just two levels. Physically I have a cupboard, inside that a shelf, inside that a book, inside that a chapter, inside that a note.
  4. Encryption - I don't want everything searchable. Also I might want somethings to be hidden. Yes hidden even from Evernote, even from people who might use my IPAD. 
  5. Pin notes in notebooks - Some notes are more important that others. Ordering in a filofax can be controlled. Can you beat a filofax?
  6. Copy note link - At the top a note, you have a reminder, Shortcut(star), info, delete and three dots. What do the three dots do? Open a menu which has ONE entry. Why not just have copy note link button at the top itself. Is it inferior than others? Does it occupy too much space?
  7. Table - This maybe a doubt. I am not sure how you insert a row in between, delete a row or add a column. But it seems like a rather simple thing that should just work. Maybe it does. Help me. Org mode is so good at this.
  8. Reminder - You have One note - One reminder. If you have a list of todo tasks, each might have a reminder. So should I have a notebook with multiple todo tasks. Can you show a list of reminders, or todos. 
  9. Attachments - Why do the icons have to be so huge? 
  10. Notes do not have levels of heading. Highlights are not present.
  11. Notes aren't the only way to store information. Charts, graphs, mind maps, many more....These should be under your scope.

I hoped that with Phil Libin's "100 year vision", the company would at least work well for a decade. Unfortunately it was just a marketing ploy.

Some might think it is too rude. I just sincerely hope Evernote improves. 


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I agree with you. I would like to have more  options for tables (add rows and columns). I will also add to your list:

12. Insert images where the cursor is, not at the end of the note.


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