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Paragraph styles in notes - please



I've requested this before but cannot find a current thread to join . . .

In a Mac environment, it's so unsatisfactory to have an app in which so little text formatting is available. Please, let us have paragraph styles in notes. Even basic HTML styles (Header1, Header2, bodytext, blockquote, etc) would be better than none. Half a dozen customisable styles would meet my needs.Cheers.

I see there is a thread on Markdown - but what I'm seeking is styles of paragraphs (eg fonts, type sizes) visible within the editor, so that a note can be made more readable. 

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Hi.  Surprised you can't find a thread to join - this sort of thing (styles,  formatting) has been much discussed before. Evernote have been working for a few years to create a common editor in all products and OS's so that they can actually show a bold italic heading as exactly that on more than one device.  They're still working...

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