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Encrypted notes cannot be printed



There is an annoyance that if you have an encrypted note, decrypt it for viewing by entering the password and try to print it, you cannot. You'll just get the hidden version. The only way seems to be to permanently decrypt the note, print it, the re-encrypt it. I do not want to have to do this because it is annoying for one and 2, may result in the un-encrypted note being saved or synced, which I am trying to avoid by having it encrypted in the first place.

Can you change the behaviour so that if it is unencrypted in the display, you can print it?



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Hi.  While you wait for Evernote to get around to that...  how about creating a local notebookcopying the encrypted note(s) to that and decrypting permanently.  Print and delete.  Purge from Trash notebook (and purgatory if on  Mac).  A long way around,  but secure and doesn't change the set up of the original note.

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