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Excel worksheets in Evernote



Dear Evernote,

I would like to make the suggestion of inserting Excel worksheets within notes an available Evernote feature. I believe this would be a hugely useful feature among users to organize information where a spreadsheet is best suited to accomplish this. 

Currently, the tables that can be inserted in Evernote (that are more similar to those that can be inserted in Microsoft Word) are useful, however their practicality is low given that they require very manual work to update and keep text aligned. Furthermore, viewing these inserted tables via the Evernote app on a handheld device distorts the text alignment and squeezes the content into a much narrower column making it very difficult to read.

Just thought I would bring this up if it hasn't been already; I believe your user base could stand to substantially increase with this feature.

Yours truly,


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Just an FYI - Microsoft allows this in OneNote, and it is horrible. It is from the old OLE days where one app holds container of another app's output. The visual gets distorted, etc. It is a mess. We use OneNote in our Office 365 environment and either use Excel attachments (so no data visible until you open the file) or just a plain old table, similar to what Evernote does.

I am not sure if this is a mediocre OneNote implementation of this, or just how things work when embedding Excel. I tend to think the latter as I've embedded Excel documents in other apps that allow it, usually once, then never again. ;)

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On 5/29/2017 at 9:19 AM, KZee said:

I would like to make the suggestion of inserting Excel worksheets within notes

I add spreadsheets as attachments to notes592f290f0e9ff_ScreenShot2017-05-31at1_33_52PM.png.6398bcbef7526508110772f2db4b1f57.png

These work very well with Evernote, for example search and inline display on Macs









Edited: This is a screenshot from my Mac with an Apple Numbers Spreadsheet.  Excel spreadsheets would be similar

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Thanks for the responses guys. I can see how embedding an Excel spreadsheet within a note can get messy.

For now, plain tables work on the computer, however what bothers me most is how the table gets compromised in terms of its sizing/zoom when viewing the table on a mobile device. The columns become much narrower and the content gets squeezed to the point it makes it unreadable.

Example: I have a 3 column table that I created on a desktop PC that has been sized such that the content is aligned line by line, and each row record takes no more than one row each. However, when viewing the same table on a mobile phone, the content gets squeezed into much narrower columns and the text being wrapped in the table extends vertically, crumpled and misaligned. Any way one could work around this to have the same list handy on a mobile with the same view/zoom it was on a PC?

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If using an iPhone try the new release.  Still not proportional across devices,  but most of the crunching has been addressed.  Also try portrait view for wider tables.  

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