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(Archived) Evernote No Longer Works on Desktop HELP HELP



This is driving me craaaaazy. I get a continuous loop of... invalid user name and password.

I'm on an intel mac running 10.6.3

The Evernote folks suggested I upgrade to 1.9.0

I did. It didn't help.

If I TRASH THE PREFERENCES and restart Evernote, all goes well. But when I quit evernote and start it up again. SAME PROBLEM.

It works online, but I NEED it on my desktop.

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I've found the bug.

It's the "stay signed in" box. If I don't check it and sign in manually each time, I have no problem with Evernote. I've discovered that I use evernote so many times each day! This has been a five day nightmare. Awful to have to rely on one app so much. Thank goodness it's accessible online.

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