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Sorry if this is already been added - but I use a number of docx files which I save in Evernote and update on a daily basis. In the previous version of android I could just save once I had finished and it updated the file but with nougat that has all changed and I have to over right the file in Evernote and sometimes they are saved and sometimes they are not, sometimes I end up with a conflict file being saved at the same time. If I try and sync before I reopen the files sometimes it has been updated and sometimes not. This does not happen if I use my laptop or desktop but the whole reason for getting Evernote was I can use my tablet - if I cannot fid a resolution of this I think it will goodbye Evernote.

Is this just me or has anyone else had this issue.

The only reason I use a docx files is I want the files password protected and as Evernote seem to insist they are not going to add password protection to notes I cannot use them.

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