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Some things I do miss badly



1. Sans Serif Type, Monospace font that shows properly my code snippets (like a slashed zero, ...)
2. Text folding
3. Paragraph styles (title, subtitle, paragraph, code)
4. Style/Template configuration on note level, including a way to set default Style/Template on notebook level and global level
5. Configuration settings on note level/notebook level and global level to disable automatic text replacement/formating
6. Inclusion of openpgp.js for additional security, to sign/encrypt/decrypt fully of partially text in our notes.
7. configurable, line numbers inside our code snippets

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Hi.  For the most part all that seems like advanced word processing that Evernote hasn't gotten around to implementing yet,  if it ever decides that a full WP module is required.

They are still working on the editor - the original Evernote apps were developed by independent teams with instructions to 'do the best you can with your platform'.  Their designs were for basic editors without frills - little more than plain text plus any easy add-ins they could find within a deadline.  Problem was each app editor was baked-in platform specific code so adding further options would have been a root-and-branch rewriting exercise in Android.  And again for iOS.  And Mac.  And Windows.  And Web.  

So with new technology they recoded the whole app for all OS's so that all editor modules were the same;  a 'Common Editor' module with links into every OS-specific code.  Now improvements are able to be added to all devices at more or less the same time without completely separate development teams repeating the same work at least 5 times.

It took some years to develop the new code to be reasonably efficient on all platforms,  and work it into updates released over a period - finishing the last at the end of  2016.

Things have already gotten a little better.  They say there's more to follow...

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On 2017-05-26 at 1:31 AM, Amtriorix said:

1. Sans Serif Type...

Personally, I don't expect too much from a note editor app.  
I continue to use other editors (word processing, spreadsheets, ...)
I have no problem storing the document files as an attachment to a note in Evernote

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