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Please give the option to display the notes by priority




Could you please give the way to display the notes by importance or priority. I have plenty of notes and it's very painful to look for notes I'm working with because over the time I update them, the notes order change. Could you give the option to add note priority as numbers and in the "sort notes by" option you give in "sort by priority". In that style of display, notes order won't change in any way and the most important note will come first by priority. I want to do this because I have many things to do and plans to work, each in a note, and I want to follow them as a work flow. In this style of display it is static and we can manually reorder them by click or tapping on them and drag away into order and overtime it'll no change. When we create a new note, just put it somewhere in the first or last position.

Just one more option to sort the notes by please. Thank you very much.

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Created and updated dates are already options.  If priority is a must,  why not just add it to the title and sort by title?  Or as tags and sort the tag column in list view?  You have total control over the number and name of priorities (I use NOWsoon and sometime forinstance) and can adjust the details if and when necessary. 

I'd suspect if Evernote added this feature they'd immediately get complaints that the number of options was  insufficient or that other to-do functions were missing - and they have (or had,  last they said anything on this subject) no ambition to be "just another to-do app."

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On 2017-05-26 at 0:36 AM, americanmylove said:

Could you please give the way to display the notes by importance or priority.

As you said, Evernote would first have to implement a method of identifying priority

My method for tasks is to use the reminder feature and specify a date
The TSW site had an idea of using tags (1-Now, 2-Soon...) and sorting by tag

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11 minutes ago, americanmylove said:

drag and drop notes into position to view them.

I'm not a fan of manually ordered entries, however Evernote does support this in the Shortcuts and Reminders section

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