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Shared Note Counts are Wrong and A Shared Note reports as "not shared with anyone" but appears in the work chat.

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I just shared a couple of exam schedules with my students, I'm in China and they're Chinese 18 year olds, and I've no idea if they are using Evernote or not.  

I've shared the schedules thus:  

1) opened the note, clicked "Share"

2) Evernote wouldn't accept a delimited batch of email addresses, so I dutifully copied and pasted 56 emails over two notes one by one, by hand.  

3) Typed a little message "here is your exam schedule" or some such whimsy.  

4) Hit the share button.  

On one note, a class with 25 students, there is a little message at the top that says "Shared with 11 people in 1 chat", which is a bit confusing because I'm sure that I shared that with 25 students, not 11.  If I open the chat, it shows three email addresses, and then "+19', which by my maths, makes 23 students, not 25.  I'm very certain that I carefully copied them across from the roster and there are no mistakes.  

On another note, a class with 31 students, the note shows that the note isn't shared with anyone.  Indeed, if I open the note permissions, it does quite wrongly tell me that the note is shared with no one, despite me sharing it with 31 students, again carefully copying across the email addresses from the roster one by one.  

If I open up my work chat, I can see that again with this note that Evernote says hasn't been shared with anyone, there is a chat window that says it's shared with 23 students - the email addresses at the top of the chat window show four email addresses and "+19".  

All of this happened at 5pm this afternoon here in China, an now it's coming up to 10:25pm, and I'm yet to have a helpful reply from anyone at Evernote.  I posted previously in this very forum, and gave up waiting for whoever is the moderator here to approve my post after 2 and a half hours.  

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Hi.  This is a mainly user-supported forum,  and every new member's first few posts are subject to moderation to avoid spam getting into the system.  While you'll get some sort of a reply within half a day or so,  we're all fellow users and the response depends heavily on timezones and availability.

I'm sorry you had a problem sharing the notes but the easiest way to get around that sort of thing in future may be to use a public link.  The help pages will give you more information about this sort of sharing  - Who can see my shared notes from public URL links?

The benefit of this method is that you simply need to send the note address (a URL) in a standard email to your students.  They will view the note in a browser window like a standard web page.  The drawback is that you do not have any check on who has seen the page - other than to ask them all to confirm back to you that they have been able to access the page.

If you're based outside China don't forget that your students will find some limits on the web pages they are able to access.

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As I said in my first sentence, I'm in China.  One of the reasons that I'm using Evernote over OneNote is because Evernote isn't blocked here in China.  There's still no way of confirming if all my students have the link to the schedules, or 11, or 43 of them, or none of them?  Other than reverting back to old email, that is?  

One of the reasons that I got so angry about the length of time to moderate the first was that I searched and searched and searched, and finally gave up and used tech support, then the first thing that Ray S.  did on Directly was send me to the search form on the forum.

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8 hours ago, zombie_chris said:

As I said in my first sentence, I'm in China.

Sorry - missed that the first time around.

Don't know if you realise,  but when you share a note from Evernote your invitees will get an email from Evernote inviting them to view the note.  That email comes from a noreply@evernote-style address and is much beloved of spam filters,  so you may need to pre-email everyone to warn them you're about to share a note and to check their spam folder if it's not received.

The difference with my suggestion was that you would send the email from your own account - hopefully a recognized address.  Try a sample (and very incomplete) note I prepared earlier - http://www.evernote.com/l/AAIzYfx9vXhEkI-6jAdJbwPwkMfvIQRCgT4/

In either case you can't guarantee that your students will see the page - all you can do is ask them to confirm they can see it!

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Ok, so take me through this hypothetical.  I have a note that I want to share with 20 people.  Those 20 people don't have Evernote, their spam filters don't trap spam from Evernote.  10 people read the note, the other 10 don't.  Should the note report in my desktop client that it's shared with 20 people that I emailed, or with the 10 people who actually opened the link and read the note?

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The only information that you'll get will be confirmation that you shared the note.  Nothing about with how many,  or what activity/ inactvity they individually got up to.

That sort of additional information is available via some third party website providers like Strikingly,  or URL shorteners like Bit.ly

Evernote doesn't provide activity information - it's up to us users to work out how to obtain it if necessary.

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Thanks for the video - that explains exactly what's going on,  and I can't work out why you get odd numbers when individually selecting the email addresses like that.  Best let Support work on that one. 

Just as a suggestion - it is possible to copy and paste a list of addresses into the share dialogue - as in:


I know you said delimited addresses didn't work for you,  but this version does for me.  I am using Windows which may make a difference...



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  • Evernote Staff

Hey @zombie_chris;

Thanks for your patience in working through this. I looked into your support ticket and see that you responded today one of our agents with the requested logs. It's around 4:15 pm CT on a Sunday here, the agent you are working with works Monday - Friday. Since tomorrow is the Memorial Day holiday the office will be closed, but she will be in touch with you ASAP when back in the office after the holiday. 

If there's anything you need, feel free to DM me in the meantime.

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