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(Archived) clipper APIs and command-line utilities

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Having played with Evernote 3 on OS X for a couple of hours now, I'm impressed with the utility and flexibility of the program, once you get data into it. Automating the import process is difficult though -- I would love to see any/all of the following:

  • [*:ffcca] applescript support
    [*:ffcca] automator actions
    [*:ffcca] command-line importer

While building a fullblown applescript or automator API would be very time consuming for already busy developers, I suggest that a command-line utility to automatically create a new note from a named file and/or text on STDIN would be low-cost, easy to put together, and would allow the rest of us to do the applescripting and automating (and cron jobbing and shell scripting and etc etc) ourselves.

Why would this be good? Here are two things I'd like to do with Evernote that I cannot easily do now:

  • [*:ffcca] Create a new note, with appropriate pre-defined tags, author data, etc. for each of a series of PDFs created by scanning several individual documents, discarding the PDFs after a successful import.
    [*:ffcca] Automatically generate notes based on the output of a script, such as (for example):
grep -riH FIXME ~/src | sed -e 's/\(.*\):\(.*\)/create_evernote --title "FIXME: \1" --tags "code, fixes, todo" --text "\2"/'

Which would create a note for every instance of "FIXME" in source code comments.



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I am especially interested in trying this alongside an application like Hazel. I think it would be pretty powerful to be able to use Hazel's automatic rules to capture files placed in a folder and put them into Evernote automatically.

I really like being able to Scan from my Scanner and send them to Evernote, so there must already be some facility in place that could be exposed as an automator action right?

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We intend to support simple command-line and scripting (e.g. Applescript) capabilities in both clients in a little while, we just want to make sure that we design them right so that they can stay stable for a long time.

Thanks for the suggestions

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any movement on this idea?

My scanner doesn't support scanning directly into Evernote (Canon MP 830 multi-function) so I need something that can pick up pdfs out of directories and automatically put them into Evernote for me!



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