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Why remove clearly and replace with this?



Why would y'all get rid of clearly then "replace" it with this add-on version to clipper?? It's useless and infuriating. I can't modify the setting of the simple article...WTF y'all.  Also this isn't reddit I don't see why you're treating feedback as if its a discussion where people have to login to vote on it!  Who really thought the average internet user cared enough to do that, wow great Idea omg amazing /s <-- (implies sarcastic tone for the sentence before it). I only logged on to make sure you got this feedback, not read through the thousands of posts....Seriously this and the lack of customization (which by the way was the only reason I download and kept the Clearly extension) makes never wanna use any evernote products again. I don't want my articles to look like they're on paper. No I want them to be on a black/charcoal background with light greyish lettering in the SIZE and FONT of  my choosing so that it is most comfortable and works best with my eyes not y'alls!


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Hi.  Clearly stopped being supported around 2 years ago so you're a little late to the party - though it wasn't withdrawn as such. I still have Clipper and Clearly as separate icons in my browser and use Clearly occasionally.

If there's something you'd like Clipper to do that it currently doesn't,  then you could mention it here and get others to vote on it - a 'dark mode' for the app has (I think) about 40 votes forinstance.  While Evernote realise that there's still a lot of things missing from the package,  they don't have unlimited resources;  so the voting system gives them some way to judge how many users feel strongly about any given change,  and they can prioritise their development.

Evernote have trailed some (unspecified) changes to the editor coming 'soon',  so maybe things will improve a little.

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