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How to hide preview of .docx in note

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4 hours ago, kinjaal said:

How to hide preview of .docx in note to avoid having super long previews of several pages each doc and thus having a super long note?

You'll get a more specific answer if you identify your platform; Win/Mac/...592332ecb42d0_ScreenShot2017-05-22at11_48_10AM.png.98f1600bb33e2463a2e4dc7272f89665.png

On my Mac, it's view as attachment


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It was Mac. Awesome. Thanks a lot! Was a rather stupid question then...

By chance, do you know how I can select multiple images in a note? I want to achieve the same result: shrink them in size, so they don't block everything and make the note super long. It's possible to select each image and drag it with the cursor to resize it. But what about 20 images?

Thanks a lot again! :)

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