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better naming for clipped pdf-notes




i would like to take the pdf's filename (taken from the url) as the note's title. 

it is very annoying that i have to manually select the url's filename-part, copy it and then insert it in the notetite field in webclipper. this makes more sense for me than naming the note after the domainname, the way webclipper is doing it (e.g. "PDF - evernote.com"). so webclipper truely is able to get the whole url, then is should be possible to take only the filename-part (using some regex magic or sth.). 

i understand that getting pdf's meta information or title description could be hard to get, but the filename of the pdf is even better then naming after the domainname.

i want to request the described feature for further development. a better naming for clipped pdf-notes could be possible. 

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I've had a similar gripe for a long time. As a workaround, I often save PDFs and then import them into Evernote so that I get the filename in the title. Most of the PDFs I clip are lecture slides and course material, which are given proper filenames, but they all get the same title as default when I use the clipper. Since the primary reason I use Evernote is to organize course material, a small change like getting the file name in the note title would cut the time I take to do this in half.


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