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Copy all features from KiFi !!!!




Please do technology watch on KiFi, it was FAR FAR the best web clipper EVER but unfortunately, the start-up has been bought and their service shut down as always... All the people I know who have used KiFi would pay for it a lot now it does not exist anymore.

Some features:
- When you go on a web page, there is nothing to alarm you if you SAVE or SHARE this page 
- you do not have any conversations on the page web, you can not have any conversations on each web page
- you can not have access to any page you saved

Best regards

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According to a quick search KiFi was purchased by Google - with whom Evernote has a close relationship - to add in to Spaces...  which got shut down shortly afterward!  I never used the app personally,  but maybe Google will be willing to share the tech if Evernote ask nicely...

Evernote don't usually comment on what they might be looking into for possible future features,  so we probably won't hear any more unless and until a new Clipper launches with added bells and whistles.  More votes her will help (click the arrow at top left of the page!!)

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