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Reminder clock not visible in note

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I just installed Evernote on a new Windows 10 PC.  On the notes, there is no clock icon (reminder icon) showing at the top.  I have to click on the little down arrow in the top right corner, then click on "reminder" to set a reminder.  Then, once I have the reminder set, there is still no icon showing me that reminder date/time.  I can't find anything in the settings to make the reminder icon visible.

Can anyone help?  I love the reminder feature but I need to be able to see that a reminder is set without having to go through a couple of clicks.  Thanks!

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Right click a little to the left of the little down arrow; you should see a dropdown menu that says "Customize Toolbar...". Click on that, and in the resulting popup, drag the clock Reminder icon up over the little down arrow, and then left until you see a '+' sign, and then then drop it. You should now have a reminder icon visible. The reminder date for the current note should show once you've set it.

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9 hours ago, SteveFromCleve said:

In my list of available buttons, I don't have this one. Was this removed from the free version, perhaps? :(



- Steve

You can get it when you customize the note header toolbar.  Image shows reminder icon added to that tool bar.


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