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A sync bug between different clients

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I edited some content on one mac at 15, May, but I typed a space on another mac at night without synchronization probably. Then the next day I found the content I edited yesterday was missing, the note has been replaced by the previous version on the other mac, without any conflicting instructions. 

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Hi.  Don't know if there's a definition for conflicting edits vs replacing content,  but I imagine having both devices logged into the server at the same time produces a conflict,  while having only one device logged in takes priority and overwrites.  The "without synchronization probably" is possibly wrong,  hence the replacement.  It's not a bug,  just the way sync works.  The trick is to sync both before and after making changes.

If it was important,  your original note content will have been saved in Note History (a premium feature) - it will be available even if you upgrade for only a month.  Alternatively if you have any system backup you should be able to recover the content from there.


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