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(Archived) List View request



Hi Evernoters :)

Would it be possible to have EN display a VERY simple list of pure note titles, and in the same 3-column format as the current Mixed View and Thumbnail View?

In other words, the column to the left of the notes, where the current Mixed View appears, but just REALLY simple note titles? Nothing else. This list could still be sorted on things like Creation Date etc, but I really don't need to see those dates. And if I want to, they are in the note's header anyway.

This would apply to both the Windows and the Mac versions of EN.

Having the List View ABOVE the notes, which is where it appears, is not the most appropriate for today's widescreen monitors. We have more screen real estate horizontally than we do vertically. So the list is squashed, the notes are squashed, and there is still wasted space above where the blank part of the toolbar is.

By putting the List View into the three-column mode, and being able to adjust the width of the columns, we'd be able to see much more of the list, and much more of each note. And having no dates etc in the list of Note titles means we would see MANY more notes in the list.

Would this be possible, and if so, could you please consider it?

Many thanks.

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