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I cannot SYNC with Galaxy Tab A 10.1

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I have installed latest version of Evernote on my 2 devices 
1-Galaxy Note 4
2-Galaxy Tab A 10.1

In Galaxy Note 4, at S-Notes settings there is option "Sync With Evernote" and it is working perfect.

In Galaxy Tab A 10.1, at Samsung Notes settings There is NO Option like "Sync With Evernote" . There is only option to enable or disable Sync withjSamsung Cloud, that's all !

Tried to uninstall, reinstall...restart etc...but always same. WHY?
How can I sync Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with Evernote ??
Is it not available for this device? 

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Hi.  That's an S-Notes issue,  not an Evernote one AFAICS..  although once you have your S-Notes account syncing with Evernote,  I assume all notes from any device will go there anyway?  You could have a look around http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/usefulsoftware/snote/  - or contact Samsung support to see if they can confirm that,  or help get your option back.

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8 hours ago, Matt W. said:

By going to the three dots in the top right corner in S Notes and selecting Settings, you should see the option for Accounts > Sync with Evernote.

Yes as I wrote, problem is exactly this: In settings, in one device I can see , in other device I cannot see.

Have any clue about possible the reason ?

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