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Why Evernote doesn’t show a title image of web page as a thumbnail preview in notes?

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If I capture a web page with just one image in its title, Evernoter chooses/shows the image as a preview image in my notes, like this page: Whatever happened to what's-his-name? (It's okay).

But when I capture a web pages with many images like this Highlighter Pens: A Comprehensive Guide, Evernote doesn't choose and show its title image for its note in Notebook and pick another picture from the page for its preview / thumbnail image in its note! (it's not cool for me). 

How could I force Evernote to uses just title image of a web page for preview / thumbnail image in notes?




Title image.jpg


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Evernote has the same practice for notes with multiple images - it uses some peculiar Evernote-fu to choose the image "with the largest smallest dimension" for a thumbnail.  So far that's not optionable - you would have to resize a picture to meet the requirement in order to force Evernote to choose it.  There are quite a few requests to change that process however,  so maybe at some time this will be possible.

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