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Back Button to Return to Previous Note(s)



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18 hours ago, McGreg said:

Similar to a web browser, add a back button the would return you to previous notes viewed.

Exists today. You have to add the Forward/Back buttons to your toolbar. They just aren't there by default. Right-click on the toolbar to customize.

If you have a note open in its own window and click a link through to another note, the <> buttons will show up automagically in the upper right near the Info button.

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You can also use the Alt+ArrowLeft and Alt+ArrowRight shortcut keys to move backwards and forwards through your note history, respectively, same as in the Chrome web browser (and maybe others).

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Many mice and keyboards have special purpose forward and back buttons.  On every web browser I've used, these go back/forward in browsing history.  I would very much like it if Evernote had the same behavior.

But thanks to jefito for the helpful hint about Alt+ArrowLeft and Alt+ArrowRight .

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