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Text for other language appears in blocks?

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I'm trying to copy a text of a language other than english but whenever I try to copy it in the note, all I see is blocks, why?

For ref. I have attached the screenshot of the text in the notepad and on the next screenshot, you can see that after pasting that text, evernote doesn't seem to recognise it.

How can fix this? Anyone?

Edit: This problem doesn't seem to be happening on any mobile app, eg: on my ios or android device.


Screenshot (31).png

Screenshot (32).png

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Hi.  You could try Simplify or Remove Formatting - the blocks just mean that whatever device is trying to show the note doesn't have a font,  or hasn't been told to use a font,  that can display those characters. 

A screenshot will work because that's just a picture of the screen;  copying and pasting the text may not work if the correct font is not available.  Have you tried highlighting the characters and changing the font manually?

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