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Thumbnails should display image files before PDFs

another Dave


Thumbnails are now taken from PDF files, which is nice for notes that lack image files. 

However, since notes that have image files are better identified by their image files, I suggest prioritizing image files over PDF files as thumbnails when displaying the notes. 

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There's a whole bunch of posts about the need to be able to choose which image is used for the thumbnail if there's more than one image in a note,  and I guess this now extends to include PDFs:  so a more generic request would be 'to choose which thumbnail is used out of all the files available in the note as images'.

This seems like a 'nice to have' and in view of lots of other changes going on I'd suspect it's also a 'not this year' feature;  but it's certainly worth a look if the generation of thumbnails is being reviewed at any point...

Please votes at top left of this page for if you agree!

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It would be nice to choose thumbnails for future notes, but it would not be practical for hundreds of old ones.

For notes with no manually selected thumbnail, a checkbox in Preferences would be nice:


In notes with both PDF files and images,

[ ] display an image file as the thumbnail

[ ] display a PDF file as the thumbnail

It would be less development work to instead give users the option to suppress using PDF files as thumbnails. 

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