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Feature request: highlight search terms



I am using Evernote Web lately more extensively for my business and the more I do this, the more I am surprised to see that Evernote Web is just not on par with what you would expect from a professional service.

This is one example:

And today I came across another one:

- Try searching for a word/term inside your notebooks by using the Search (magnify glass) option:
- Evernote Web does display the notes in the left column where your search term is found, but then...?  You have to scroll through the contents of the whole notes themselves to look for and find your search term! There are NO highlight marks that highlight the words you have been searching for. So, you STILL need to scroll through every sentence in your content to actually find them... 

So my feature request is: 

Search term highlights inside notes

We are living in 2017. I am getting more and more disappointed in what Evernote Web offers to it's endusers. The forumsoftware they use on this community is MORE sophisticated than Evernote Web itself.
They have recently limited the free option to 2 devices. Which is disappointing, but I could accept it much better IF Evernote Web would be offering us a sophisticated modern platform. In fact, I am willing to pay a small fee for it if this webplatform can offer me what I need and what is possible with today's modern web standards. And at the moment it clearly doesn't.
So I am now forced to look into alternatives.  

I wish Evernote Web can evolve soon.


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Hi.  Your comments have already been made many times by a lot of users,  but Evernote's difficulty is that

  1. the various installed mobile and desktop apps don't yet have a common feature list - they're pretty similar but some have more than others.
  2. they've been bringing the various apps into line over time - subject to the limitations of the various operating systems,  and adding new features.
  3. the web service was created 10+ years ago,  and apart from one brief attempt to rewrite it,  it's been back-burnered until Evernote have a standard on which to base it

Evernote have (they say) been researching how best to structure a web service that needs a lot of local processing power - for OCR and indexing etc - and they hope to have a beta available "early next year" (they said last year).  So.  We're all waiting to see what happens...

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