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Missing Notes

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Unusual (for me) situation: I just downloaded Evernote to a new phone two weeks ago, after years of using Evernote.  Two notes that I have worked last night (one being two weeks old; one being new) disappeared sometime in the past day.  They are not in trash.  I have no history option (basic membership).  They are not appearing on the app nor on the web from a desk top.  There is no trace of them anywhere.  A couple of 'test' notes that I created today are available (on my app and on the web), so in general syncing and saving is working fine.

Really mystified.


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Hi.  Android or iOS?

Note History is academic in this case - if there are no notes,  there can be no note history.  Notes that are deleted should be in Trash.  There have been cases of notes being accidentally placed in the wrong notebook - have you done a keyword search for the content?

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