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Adding touch support to the note panel



In the Windows desktop version, when I touch the note panel, the default behavior is to select rather than to scroll, which is really annoying. It's clear that ink / touch support and 2 in 1 devices like Surface (I'm heavy Surface and Evernote user) will be the trend in later Win10 releases. I really hope Evernote team will add more touch support to its windows version, if you cannot add full ink function as that in Onenote immediately. For example, I wish that when I touch the note panel with my finger, the default behavior is to scroll while it will select text if I switch to my Surface Pen. 

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I'll second that. Reading notes on my Surface Pro 4 is a painful experience without being able to scroll them up and down with swiping motions. MS word, Onenote and even Notepad all have this feature. It is beyond me why Evernote has still not added that.

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This is the only thing I dislike about Evernote - because it's different from every other app on my Windows.  Programs have a way to do select vs scroll using a touch screen. I wish evernote could do it the same as everyone else: Touch should scroll, not select by default.

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