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Evernote <-> Amazon Alexis/Echo integration



I would love to see Evernote have some Amazon Alexis/Echo Integration.
That way I could ask questions in Echo and Evernote cold respond, or use Echo to create new notes or task lists etc.   I could also ask Evernote to tell me what reminders I have due today or tomorrow etc.

Alexa/Echo is becoming very popular and extremely usable device for home, work or the on move.   I think it has a great future and Evernote needs to get in on it early.  I am sure people here and the Evernote boffins can dream up all sorts of useful integrations.    


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I made the decision to get Alexa finally and I am really enjoying. An Evernote integration is definitely a great idea especially for creating notes on the fly without having to locate my phone at the house. I hope this gets implemented soon.

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Guys, this is a very old thread - wondering, whether you guys are still using Evernote, and how you found a solution for the lack of an Amazon Alexa Skill for Evernote? 


Currently using ToDoist sync with the amazon shopping list - but this works only with the shoppinglist, while I have a lot more going on with Evernote (yet!) and would like to use Alexa ... 

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