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Import a Note into a specific notebook?

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I am trying to automate the importing of certain notes into Evernote through Tasker on Android. That part is not the problem, but rather, the limitations of the ENEX file import. 

Basically, I am trying to create reminders programmatically in the default "inbox" notebook. I've tried using Intent / CREATE_NEW_NOTE with populated fields but it pops up the interface, which is not needed. Indeed, when the system starts to lag, it created additional problems. So I'd like to avoid this method if it is at all, possible. 

I've created ENEX file for import, and used the intent / SEND  and while that works and it even created a reminder, it went into a SEPARATE notebook called "Imported Notes", rather than into "Inbox". And searching through the DTD for ENEX shows nowhere to put in the GUID for Inbox. So basically this function is useless for creating reminders in the Inbox (!) 

So here's the main question:

Is it POSSIBLE to specify which notebook to import into when using Intent / SEND and the Enex file?  Checking both the DTD and API shows no field that can specify such. 

If this is NOT possible, how should one attempt to programmatically create reminders on Android via Tasker?  Is Intent / CREATE_NEW_NOTE my only option? What EXTRA field should I pass to create a REMINDER? I assume it'd be REMINDERORDER? It's surely NOT mentioned on the Evernote Intent Page

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