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(Archived) Evernote Android showing out of date info?


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My trials and tribulations with the Android Evernote client on my Motorola Milestone continue. Yesterday I was shopping and wanted to check a note with details of a product I was interested in. Initially I had no coverage, so it told me I had 0 Notes. The network coverage resumed and I found the note I was after by browsing (it had been updated about 3 hours previously). What is very odd is the note didn't contain the latest info, in fact it was out of date by about 3 weeks! I checked a few other notes and there were similarly out of date.

Very frustrating.

When I got back home I checked and yes, my notes were all synched. In fact, I used Evernote on a couple of Windows PCs and both were up to date (as was the view of the note) from the Evernote web site.

This was using the latest version from the Market. I have uninstalled Evernote and re-installed it and I am still seeing out of date notes? WTF? :shock:

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I've filed a bug on this today, but can't yet reproduce it on my Droid. We're still investigating what might be wrong here.


Its appears somewhat inconsistent. I have created a couple of new notes on DT, synced, chk droid- ok - make chg in one on DT - sync - ok on droid !

Selected existing note on droid - looked at it - same as on DT - made chg on DT - sync - droid EN,menu,notes - note at top - but NO change made -

Did same thing to a couple other notes that where older - last month creation or last changed - and not chged <======= this is what was happening that got my attention when I was regularly making changes to a few notes.

but then selected some others - made chg and the chg is reflected !! There has to be a reason .. I'm leaning toward notes that were updated recently but not too recent and they got out of sync. My DT EN was updated while I was in EN. I had previously install the android beta

Is there some sort of android sync control file ? If so we need to remove and start clean ! What would happen if i deleted the evernote dir on the droid SD ?

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Same thing is happening on my android. Old out of date info on notes. Started happening about a week ago when I think there was an update collision but now no matter what I do I cannot get my droid updated. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Any help?

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I’m using v1.4 (bld 84727) and I’m also seeing problems with notes not being in sync with what’s on the web and desktop. I do not have a premier account, no access to historic data, but I’m seeing old versions (despite the fact that it shows the correct update times) of some documents on the my droid that have newer info when I view them on the web or on the windows client. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the android app and I still see the old versions. I then deleted the Evernote folder on my SD card, and the notes updated.

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If you remove the "Evernote" directory from the SD card on your device, that will also removed the cached versions of the notes.

I was seeing the same thing, out of date notes. I renamed my Evernote directory on my SD card and now I am seeing the latest version of my notes.

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Just noticed that when I update a note on the web, it often will not update on th Android client. But, it WILL be listed at the top as recently updated even though it shows the old date. Ah well, time to clear the SD folder.


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My wife and I are also experiencing out of date notes on our droids (Motorola). PC does have the most up to date. My wife noticed today and then I checked mine. Tried to sync but did not work. We both deleted the directory on our droids as stated above. We both now have the most current version of notes.

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Having the same issue. Does Evernote have more than one employee with a Droid?

Yes. They have Android developers. Dave Engberg is the CTO -- he doesn't fix Android bugs (as far as I know).

Are they looking into this issue?

Yes, particularly since a bug was filed. Notice that that says nothing about the bug's priority or any schedule for release. Dave E will likely chime in from the West Coast, as some point.


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Yes, I've discussed this bug with Phil Constantinou (our head of engineering), and we are investigating the problem.

We just hired two new dedicated Android engineers, so the pace of development should increase significantly over the next few months, but there's still a little training time for them to get fully up to speed.


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