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thumbnail view + unlimited sketch area


It's been things we've been asking for months, but no one seems to be willing to hear, so I thought I might as well try again, especially since these "features" should be relatively easy to implement :

- I know it's something that has been widely discussed, but why in hell is it not possible to have THE CARDVIEW OPTION AGAIN ? This really is frustrating and goes against all common sense user experience know-how

- there's a bug in the IOS version of the app : sketches are not displayed unless the note is selected, which make it very hard to find them, wouldn't it be possible to display a thumbnail view of them, as it is with photos etc... ?

- the ability to add a sketch to a note is a very nice feature; but so annoyingly hindered by the fact that the area is limited to the screen; why not make it limitless, in order to be able to "expand" the plan or whatever we draw there, instead of having to create a new sketch; wouldn't it be way more convenient and logical ? (and since it's vector, it wouldn't be space-consuming)

Those are actually the things that make my experience with Evernote frustrating, and they might even make me think of switching to another app (if it exists); I really hope you guys will listen to this and hopefully make the changes...

Thank you

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I'd love to see an unlimited sketch view - it would also be great if they actually added Adonit Jot Script 2 support to the sketch area too.

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Yes, I almost exclusively write notes on my iPad with pencil support. And it's very frustrating only being able to write on the visible screen without being able to scroll down like I would with a physical piece of paper. Let us at least scroll down a bit for more writing area like the size of a paper but infinity-scroll would be perfect!

Instead I have to save the 'sketch' which is just hand written notes (this is everNOTE after all), and then create another sketch after that. So my actual notes are filled with dozens of small pictures that each contain a few notes. 


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10 hours ago, dumoore said:

I almost exclusively write notes on my iPad with pencil support...So my actual notes are filled with dozens of small pictures that each contain a few notes. 

For note taking, I use my iPad, Apple Pencil, and the Notability app.1846618335_ScreenShot2018-09-21at07_51_02.thumb.png.45be82b6059ab7aa30b67b16c460f00d.png
I store the document in Evernote in native and pdf format.

The screenshot shows my note-taking during a casual concert.
The .note document also contains an audio track recorded during the concert.  The playback is sync'd with the notes.

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