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Hello All;

I have been using Evernote for about 4 years now and just went to the premium service.  I am also in college and starting to write papers.  I would like to see a bibliography and references ability added to Evernote.  An article in a magazine saying Evernote wanted to be the only information manager you ever needed, convinced me to start using the application.  It seems to me citations,bibliographies, and references are the lifeblood of anyone who writes. If Evernote really wants to be the best note taking solution for serious and professional writers, being able to add citations on-the-fly is critical.

Regards, Robert Williamson

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On 5/7/2017 at 9:20 PM, oldcollegeguy said:

It seems to me citations,bibliographies, and references are the lifeblood of anyone who writes.

Personally, I don't think a note editor is the best tool for "anyone who writes"

For serious work, I use a word processor (Apple Pages).  The documents are stored in Evernote as note attachments

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Definitely a critical feature for any kind of advanced degree or research writing or publication.  I'm very interested in using this platform to accelerate my research.  Here's what I'm thinking.

  1. As a researcher, I need to source a source from a citation template. 
    1. The template would tag the resulting note in some discoverable way (perhaps with source:<name> tag).
    2. The template would capture pertinent information about the source given their various formats:
      1. Books, journal articles, websites, etc.
  2. As a researcher, I need to create a citation from a citation template that permits the linking of the citation with a source and the citation's location information.  source:book1 location:page-200
  3. As a researcher, I need to export all sources in an acceptable format for inclusion into various document authoring software, e.g., Microsoft Word, Scrivener, etc.
    1. As a developer, I need an API to export all sources in JSON format.
  4. As a researcher, I need to export all sources in a rendered APA or MLA styled reference or bibliography such that,
    1. All sources have at least one reference
    2. All sources are filtered by notebook inclusion
      1. for example, export all sources sited in this notebook
  5. As a researcher, I need to export a list of all citations (note + source reference)
  6. As a researcher, I need to export a list of all citations 
    1. filtered by label
    2. filtered by notebook
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You can annotate everything, but it becomes part of the note. There is (except for PDFs) no annotation layer.

You can create a link to a note and insert it into another note, or create a TOC note out of links, but there is no citation function.

EN has never claimed it can do this, and I see no activity at all pointing in that direction. If you need it, watch out for another tool.

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I am currently writing a research paper and am using the APSA citation style. Evernote is very easy to use for this. Our university uses the APSA citation style and I am very lucky to have a site like https://edubirdie.com/citation/apsa/ where I can find useful information on all the intricacies of applying this citation style when writing research. Don't force yourself to memorize everything, because there are many styles of citation and many types of sources. But it's best to remember the ones you use the most. The more links you create with the EduBirdie APSA citation machine, the better you will remember basic rules such as the titles of sources such as books, magazines, magazines and films in italics; in quotation marks the titles of articles and stories; placing a union between two names; using "et al." for many authors, etc.

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