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(Archived) Firefox error message

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I'm using EN for the very first time today..well, trying to. When I highlight text or images in Firefox 2 (Mac OS X) then click on the Firefox clipper or right-click > Add to Evernote, I get an "Alert" window that reads: exception:TypeError: clazz has no properties.

Any suggestions as to how I can fix this so I can really try out EN?

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I am having the same trouble with the clipper.

Platform: OS X 10.5.3


installedd Evernote extension

Both on toolbar and in context menu ("Add to Evernote") I get the error


exception: TypeError: clazz has no properties

I used a previous web clipper (the one you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar) but this one now loads in a seperate window / div / layer. The page gets clipped, but the popup window stays in front with no option to close....

Please help as I use this functionality a lot!!


M. Coster

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