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Better image handling options in Evernote Web



Hello Evernote Team,

I would like to request the following:

Better image handling options in Evernote Web.

What I miss dearly in Evernote Web is the ability to insert images inside notes in a much more user-friendly/practical way. What happens now when I want to add an image to an existing post, is that Evernote Web places this image at the end of our postings. And you can not do anything with it (!). There is only a [download] and [image gallery] option available. Not so much worthwhile options to be honest. What we need is:

  • The ability to resize these images
  • The ability to move these images inside our notes.  

I am creating extensive lists inside Evernote Web and I have images that are related to these lists and specific text blocks. But I can not place any images inside these lists or textblocks, because Evernote Web simply can not perform these tasks. I am quite surprised by it, because this is common functionality in today's web app standards.  

Look at Microsoft Onenote. Since my preferred web app Evernote is not able to handle this basic task, I opted to try out Onenote. Wow. See how it can handle everything that I am in need of... you can insert images wherever you want in your text (including inside lists!) and you can resize them however you want. Perfect. 

Why can't Evernote not do this? It seems like such a common/basic functionality nowadays on a web app that one would expected in a professional product like Evernote. 
Is this planned for a future version? 

Thank you.

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Hi Grover

We have been here many times before. It is the most reasonable of requests.

Many have asked. Evernote simply ignores us and has been doing so now for what is about ten months.

Everyone is irritated. Some have left. Others wait, not in the hope that anything will be fixed or added to this version - it appears to be dead in the water as far as future development is concerned - but rather in the hope that there may be third version on the way in 2017. The evidence for this is a message found on the web some time ago by one of our forum greats: Gazumped. It seems to indicate that a change is on the way, but for the moment the Web Version is a bit like a satellite floating in space, having lost connection with the (Evernote) mother ship. We wait...and we wait...and we hope.


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Thanks for your feedback, Glennie.

It is just remarkable that in this time and age a web app from the most used note taking app leaves so much behind when it comes to proper content creation. Come on... it is 2017... notes are NOT only about text anymore! Just take a look at Dropbox's Paper... to see what a modern web app can be. Mind you... also that app can not resize images at the moment, but at least it offers it's end-users with much better content creation. 

Here... look at this:

  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3

  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6

Even the forum-sofware of Evernote can perform what Evernote Web itself CAN'T do... a simple task as adding an image inside a list. Unbelievable.

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I think the "Evernote Web story" might become a classic in business schools - an example of how not to do PR and not to curate your customers. 

In this respect, Evernote seems to think it is doing enough by regularly publishing an infantile blog with titles like Take Notes to See Your Business Grow! or Henry Ford Took Notes. They prefer to spend money on that rather than on making it possible for us to resize images or for people with sight issues to be able to change to a black screen.

I don't know who they think they are fooling. Certainly not me and you!  :)



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Mr. Glennie ?,

I don't know *when* they did it... but someone at Evernote finally woke up! 

I don't know if it has to do with the recent redesign, but I thought... let's see if the above highly frustrating issue that I reported is solved by this redesign. And....

It has! ?

We can now finally insert images where we want them (also inside lists) and we can resize them and move them, just as I suggested above.

This is fantastic news really.

And I also love the new redesign, I always felt that their 'minimalist' approach introduced a few years back was really not good at all. 

But, take a look for yourself concerning the images! 

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