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Feature Request - All Notes Ctrl+Z persistent when everonte not closed



When I do some action on one note, and then I Switch to another note and do some action,  and I recall the former note I want to restore some action in the former note,  


I switch back to the former note and press Ctrl+Z, and find it is no use, this make me feel down,


So I hope  the product can add all notes Ctrl+Z persistent when the evernote program not closed.


Maybe I can do the Ctrl+Z  by open notes in different new Window,  but I hope it can work when switching Notes in Main window, it's more convenient.

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Hi.  In all the Windows software that I use,  the 'Undo' command Ctrl-Z works ONLY if you use it immediately after you realise that an error has occurred.  It would be impractical for any app to save every keystroke made,  in case the user wishes to take it back before the application is closed down.  There are a few apps - notably presentation and picture editors  - that save several recent changes,  to allow the user to go back to a previous stage if necessary,  but Evernote is not set up that way.  The number of keystokes involved in typing text and applying formatting and layout is far greater.  I would not see Evernote being able to do this.

(If you wish to protect the content of your notes,  it would be possible to create a copy of the notes you work on in a temporary notebook,  so that the original text is available if necessary.)

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