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I think we all need a Money Tracker feature



I've been using Evernote for a very long time and as time goes by I have seen many new features implemented making this tool we all move, more and more usefull for our life, being business or personal memo, memory notes and so on. I could not trade Evernote for anything. 

Evernote manage your business, your medical documents, your best ideas for that book you are writing... And many if not,  all of those activities requires a money variable, being the fundings you need to manage to get that project runing or maybe managing a groceries monthly list that is usually requiring a budget and so on, would be nice to have the possibility to add financial records with a simple "money Tracker" addition.  it's a chaos to add your expenses or earnings on those diferent variables just by typing the numbers on a note. 

I've been using third party app for all of that. But none is posible to be integrated or sync to Evernote si it ends up being anoying to Match each thing with each spends. 

I suggest. Since there is a huge community who deal with money on a daily basis that would be greatly beneficial to have such tool. 

Just like notes, photos, or audio entries, it could be a "income/expenses" entry, maybe a $ symbol that let us add (positive or negative) balance to our money, adding the entry to. Each specific books or maybe just a separate money tracker feature (if per book is more complicated). I don't know. A money tracker for us, Plus and Premium would really improve and enhance the quality tools we already have at hand. 

If you like this idea, please Vote  this up. This could be a really usefull tool for everyone. 

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Not English native speaker. Apologies.
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On 5/3/2017 at 11:37 PM, Jorge.Amaya.s said:

I think we all need a Money Tracker feature...Just like notes, photos, or audio entries, it could be a "income/expenses" entry, maybe a $ symbol that let us add (positive or negative) balance to our money, adding the entry to.

@forg, there's been no Evernote changes for this Money Tracker request but it's "comfortable" for me also
I use Evernote to store and organize my receipts   
I export the data to a spreadsheet to generate budget and expense reports281159816_ScreenShot2020-04-30at10_15_43AM.png.754ca3a11e5468b5c6f79b520d208e30.png.2a81aeb3be19f3ee4879ab95ffa2c7bb.png

There's no special note type    
I implemented Type using a tag, and title naming standard

I include the $ amount in the note title

For note title and tags, I implemented automation and control using scripting (AppleScript) on my Mac

Receipts are scanned and stored in Evernote
As you can see in the screenshot
     title: <date> <type> [description] <keywords> $<amount>
     tags: !Type-Receipt  220755866_ScreenShot2020-04-30at10_05_45AM.png.5c3740f80a7e3a88fa8444946ab09dcf.png

I also get a monthly transaction feed from the bank, and create similar notes

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