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Popups ... @%^&$$&^!!!



I love Evernote ... I'm so sick of your damn popups that I'm about to drop it!  Why on earth can't you show a popup once (no problem there) and put a checkbox on it that says "Don't ever show this popup again" ... and make it work!?!?!?!?!?  This is not difficult.  I'm talking about the Clipper popups that say, "Did you know you can clip from your .pdf"  I know I can stop it in Options, but every time I clear my cookies, or log off, I have to go through the process again.  When I go to print a .pdf and the stupid popup is there, it prints on an extra sheet of paper.  Now there is one telling me I can clip from Outlook.  Wonderful!  I appreciate knowing it ... ONCE!  I don't feel the need to re-learn that option every single time I log onto Outlook.  MAKE IT STOP!

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