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Upgrade to 6.5.4 adds unwanted autosync on startup

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I just let several PCs upgrade to Windows client version (304720) Public. I'm not sure which version was installed previously, but it was only a month or three old.

Now I find that Evernote autosyncs on startup. I don't want this behavior and don't see a way to turn it off. In Tools > Options > Synchronization, all the checkboxes are unchecked except for 'Synchronize shortcuts'. Before this version upgrade, syncing never occurred unless manually initiated by me, which is the behavior I want.

Are others experiencing this issue? Has a way to fix this been found?

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Some basic sync rules seem to have changed in the last update - the idea of sync-on-demand was introduced and (apparently) a number of new behaviors were introduced like - even with all the boxes unticked - Evernote will still sync if an email is received into the account at the server,  or some content is clipped from a web page.  All of this seems aimed at ensuring the local copy of the database is fully up to date with any recent changes.

There's no 'fix' that I'm aware of - these mainly seem like positive changes - but you could raise a support ticket to see if there's any help available (we're a mainly user-supported forum) via https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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Hi. Me again. Late to the party. And thanks gazumped for your reply. I need to say that even though most may consider the sync changes positive, I do not. Especially since...

I didn't notice it at first but the problem is much worse. It seems that Evernote auto syncs among all clients when a change of any kind is made on any client. In other words, all those checkboxes in Options, such as 'Enable instant sync,' Enable on demand sync,' 'Synchronize automatically,' are just a cruel joke. I have all the checkboxes except 'Synchronize shortcuts' not selected on all clients and, as I said, sync is automatic, instant, and happens in all cases whether I "demand" it or not.

It'd just be nice if these options actually meant something. Instead of just complaining here, maybe I'll contact support soon. I wish it were less unpleasant to do so.

- John

P.S. I want EN to sync only when I ask for it; never at any other time. My reason is this: 


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