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Evernote for mac has stopped syncing

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My Mac Evernote application has stopped syncing, and all the notes on my app are gone (though saved online). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no joy. Have been trying to reach out to Evernote help all weekend with no response. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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Hi.  With somewhere around 200M users actively syncing their notes,  and a busy holiday weekend over here with lots of sporting events being streamed,  I'd imagine Evernote's internet connection goes through some interestingly busy periods.  I've had a couple of days with a red "!" flying happily in my desktop toolbar until my sync requests stop coinciding with a 'busy' or 'unobtainable' signal at the green end of the line and everything evens out.  There was also some scheduled maintenance on May 1st to add a little extra pressure...

If there were a recent change on your device - OS or Evernote-wise,  that might be cause for concern;  but normally I'd give it 48 hours at least before worrying.  If you do hit problems,  then the links below might yield some clues...

How to troubleshoot syncing issues

How to send an Evernote activity log


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