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(Archived) Offline / Cloud notes

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I used v2.2 for a short time, then got an invite, and started using the 3 version.

One thing I can see is going to be a make-or-break issue, is being able to use the program offline.

Right now you have to make an online notebook, then you can make a local notebook. You have to log on, or the program is useless.

I would suggest having 2 types of notebooks.

A notebook that is held on your HD, and synced to the server.

Another notebook that is local only. Maybe listed as the Private notebook.

If you do not log on, you would have access to the notebooks on your HD. Next time you log on, it would update the copy on the server.

If you need to, you could use the web to access your information away from home, so the next time you log on from your program, it will alert you you need to update the notebook on your HD.

I can see some people being hesitant, myself included, to use a tool that may become subscription-based in the near future.

I think there needs to be someone from the company making it clear the software will be able to be used like the older versions - Offline only.

Just my 2cents worth...


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