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Sorting Notes: "reverse sort Order" is missing



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Hi.  I don't believe that's currently possible in Android.  Notes sort in descending order,  so newest first.  You could sort by title and use a numbering system to 'force' the order of the notes into oldest first...?

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I have no controle of the notes. Apps like Feedly create automaticaly notes in Evernote.

To read the notes it is better to read the oldest first.

I hope there will come an update. In Evernote Windows I store for each directory/notebook the individial settings. If android would taken this settings by syncing, then I would not have a reason to sort manually.

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I just switched to Evernote. I am quite shocked, that such a simple thing is ignored by the evernote team. It would really be the easiest to sync the sort settings from desktop. Or even simpler: give us the opportunity to sort also in reverse order. Come on, it is just a simple addition in menu!

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Would strongly desire a reverse sorting option. a simple additional menu option of sorting "A to Z" or "Z to A" would help.

I organize my notes by date (yyyy-mm-dd). After years of notes, my newest notes are buried behind years of work. 

No, a simple "-" in front of the title does not solve the problem. It only adds to my workflow as I would have to constantly curate my titles only for the advantage of seeing one "new" note.

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44 minutes ago, Steve Almond said:

Is newest first really that popular?

It makes some sense,  since you might be more likely to edit a recently added or changed note than one added last year...

Please don't bump threads,  it's not technically against the Forum T&Cs,  but we can always ask to get that changed if necessary - and it adds nothing to the discussion since Evernote is driven by lots of feedback from various sources including the voting threads around here - but 11 votes (currently) is not going to make a great case.

Meantime Evernote are (allegedly) already working on revised apps for all their supported OS's (and maybe even Linux) so the update might be in the pipeline somewhere.

Also meantime the three dots menu on Android allows you to sort your notes by updated date,  created date,  title, and size in two taps - and you can always save a shortcut direct to an old note to your home screen if quick access is required...

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