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View Note History Should be Available to EVERYONE



The ability to "view note history" should be a feature available to everyone, especially since your autosave works so quickly, like faster than I can hit ctrl+z, the thing I want to undo is already gone. If you won't open this feature up to all Evernote users, then at least allow us the option to adjust how often the notes auto-save. At the moment it saves about every milli-second on Evernote for web, which is a little excessive. It saves faster than a person can think (or type). At the very least, can customers have the ability to turn OFF autosave when using the web and mobile apps?

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Hi.  Note history is a comprehensive backup of everyone's notes - a snapshot which happens a couple of times per day for 200 million users.  It is applied to all accounts,  though only premium subscribers can use it to step back through previous versions of their notes.

If you edit a note and mistakenly delete some text,  or make other changes you regret,  which are then saved to the server,  Ctrl-Z (on a Windows device) should revert the changes whether or not there has been a sync in the meantime.

You don't have the ability to switch off the 'save' feature,  but if you want to spend some time changing the content of a note, you could copy the text you're working on into a notepad app or a word processor,  then copy/ paste the new version back into your note to avoid being caught out by unpredictable saves...

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13 hours ago, Britt7856 said:

The ability to "view note history" should be a feature available to everyone

Regarding Note History; It is available to everyone, and I have no concern about being charged for this feature.
If the Evernote service doesn't generate income, it will cease to exist

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