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Open note in a separate window




There appeared to be a lot of push back when the new Evernote Web beta was introduced.

I tried it for a few minutes and went back to the old - because one feature was missing.

I could not figure out how to open notes in separate windows.

The new UI is attractive and all that. But, when I use the desktop version of Evernote, I always have several windows open.

Once "Open note in a separate window" is in the new web version I'll switch to the new version.

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In the upper right corner of the icon expand. Expands a note on the width of the browser window, hiding the navigation menus of notebooks. You can create a shortcut on your desktop computer to a specific note. I understand that interface to display the same note, without menus notebooks actually consume less memory. 

Why do I use two evernote windows myself?
In one window I look at the notepads and their notes. In the second I have an open note on which I work. Often links the notes among themselves. Today I have to open two windows and from the top menu copy the note link. I would like to have a drag and drop feature to simplify this process.

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