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Fast deletion of a note




to delete a it is very frustration. If I read my notebook in witch I have notes only to read (i.e. via Feedly 2 Evernote) I delete after every readed note the note.

At this time the delete button is very, very fast away.

  1. I have to open the options in the upper right
  2. scroll to the bottom of the options
  3. push "delete"
  4. confirm my choice

When I read 50-80 notes per day. It makes my very angry. I can not understand why somebody hide the delete button so far away ! (and without undo button!)


It would be great if after the deletion the next note apears without to open it manually. So I can read the notes faster. I have only to delete the note and read the next one.

I hope you can me happy in 2017

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Hi.  Until the developers have time to address this,  a work around might be to tag files as you read them with 'deleteme' or some such,  and as a last operation when you finish reading the last item (or when you next open the app to start reading),  find all the notes tagged with your chosen word and select / delete all of them.  If tagging is also too tap-intensive,  you could add a unique keyword to the content or title in the same way.

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No way (AFAIK) to jump to the next note easily - we used to have Presentation mode (which is now limited to Desktop) which would show a selection of notes one after the other simply by scrolling.  An option might be to create a Table of Contents note which lists your reading material - but notes would have to be added and removed from that note too...

Sorry,  looks like this is the way things are unless and until Evernote make the 'reader' options more flexible :mellow:

How to use presentation mode to present notes

How to create a table of contents with links to other notes

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