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Reading Mode: Like in Pocket (faster usability when reading many Notes)




I use Feedly and other sources to collect interesting stuff for later reading.

I do not use pocket anymore because I want to use so less apps as possible.

All reading stuff will be stored "automaticaly" in only one notebook. And when I have time to read a while I check this Notebook.

In Windows it is very inefficient to read many notes.

Problems / Suggestions

- We should following the example like pocket. But make it better and faster

- Evernote should be able to start a reading mode from a Notebook.

- Title and body should be shown clear

- Themes: Day / Night

- very important: Navigation

a) page up/down should go to exact this place my eyes stopped to read. So I have not to the search / remember the place / the line I stopped to read

b ) The delete button should delete the note and the next note should come up to be read (you could create a feature to archive the notes. Archive button could remove the note to an extra "archive notebook". That would be great! Two shortcuts delete + archive)

c) A shortcut should can open the URL of the note. So that the browser can show the original website

d) Android Version should have that features too


Is it possible??

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Hi.  A set of 'reader' functions wouldn't be especially helpful to me,  but if a lot of users find this useful they'll (hopefully) upvote the idea by clicking the up arrow at top left of the page.  The more clicks,  the more likely it is that a developer will look to include this at some point.  We're a (mainly) user-supported forum,  not Evernote,  and they don't usually discuss what features they're introducing until they appear,  usually in the beta versions.

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Read Only Mode:
  1. Delete Note and It will be available in Trash in Read only mode and then you can restore that note, by this method you can read from Evernote Desktop Software in Read only mode
  2. Best Method: Copy url (Ctrl+/) of any note and open that in any internet browser
  3. Present the given note, but it isn't available for free versions
  4. Print note to PDF file
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Hi Sheldor, 


I totally agree on your suggestion. Anyone who doubts should just webclip some articles and then read them on his smartphone. It just nerves s to see this dominating EDIT button below. And, team Evernote, it would also serve a lot of people now using Instapaper, following the Tiago Forte Second Brain Method. 


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6 minutes ago, Joe Bosch said:

Anyone who doubts should just webclip some articles and then read them on his smartphone

Dunno about people doubting, but only 12 users have bothered to vote for this feature in 5 years - doesn't look as though many care,  one way or another...

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Hi Gazumped, 

Well, if you look at the past, you might conclude this. But I would make a good bet this will change. Building a second brain is on NYT bestseller list now and having a good "reading later" solution is really helpful. Evermote basically is well equipped for this. The only missing part is a good reading view with no distractions. 


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13 hours ago, Joe Bosch said:

But I would make a good bet this will change.

I admire your optimism - Evernote (IMHO) is primarily a productivity app designed to file,  find and move data around;  there are already many read later options...  but we'll see!  -_-

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